Educational Outreach

Burmese American Collective is participating in its first GlobalGiving Accelerator fundraising campaign to support professional development training for 120 teachers in Myanmar. The Accelerator goes live on March 11th and we have until March 29th to raise $5,000 from at least 40 donors. Please join us in supporting these amazing teachers and learn more about the Accelerator campaign here.

Burmese American Collective supports teacher training workshops for public school teachers across Myanmar who lack access to professional development opportunities.  Teachers learn how to implement effective classroom management strategies, develop critical thinking activities instead of rote learning, and improve their English language skills.  Training improves the quality of teaching provided to students and contributes to the development of sustainable education policies across Myanmar.


After six decades of neglect from its previous government, Myanmar’s education system suffers from woefully inadequate resources, teachers who are grossly under trained and underpaid, ineffective policy and regulation, and students who are poorly qualified to lead the nation.  As part of its reforms, Myanmar’s Ministry of Education has committed to child-centered approaches to learning and improving training for teachers.


Within Myanmar’s framework for education reform, we support professional development workshops that provide training for teachers and focus on child-centered approaches to learning.  Workshops are offered through partnership with Myanmar-based community organizations and local government.  Teachers who participate in these workshops learn core skills, gain practical classroom experience, and become more effective in teaching their students the same skill set.


Training and professional development workshops are offered to hundreds of teachers across all ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Upon completion of their training, equipped with new knowledge and skills, these teachers will then return to their communities and improve the quality of education for thousands of children throughout Myanmar.  Teachers together with their students will reshape the development of Myanmar’s education system and build a sustainable future for the entire country.

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