Art and Culture


Visual Storytelling through Photography

Myanmar.  Its people, its landscape, and its future are all transforming.  As the country continues driving toward integration into the global community, it faces complex challenges in providing its citizens with effective national education, sustainable development, environmental protections, and public health awareness.  With these challenges in mind, BAC proposes to conduct a Photography Camp in Myanmar focusing on providing a unique youth perspective on local community issues.  The global lens is now focused on Myanmar and Photo Camp will empower youth to use photography and creative critical thinking to document important issues in their daily lives.

Photo Camp students will be shown how to use a camera effectively, taught basic photography editing skills, encouraged to think critically, and instructed on how to tell a story for impact.  These are life skills that can be transferred to a wide range of vocational and professional fields, giving students a stronger opportunity for success outside of the classroom.  

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