Teacher Profile: Pann Ei

by Sandi Tun

I first met Pann Ei and Min Aung at a Teachers Across Borders teacher training workshop in Kyaikmaraw, Mon State in 2018.  I volunteered as a workshop instructor and they were trainees in a one-week program focusing on developing student-centered learning, critical thinking, and English language skills. 

Both Pann Ei and Min Aung were outstanding in their dedication to learning, community spirit, and leadership skills throughout the workshop.  They were chosen by their peers and fellow trainees to give a final speech at the closing ceremony and did a brilliant job.  As of March 2019, Pann Ei and Min Aung are attending a Gift of Education teacher training workshop in Yangon. Here now are their stories. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing your story with us.  Please can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Pann Ei Hnin Si and I’m from Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar.  I live with my family – my father, my mother, my younger sister and me.

How many years have you been teaching, who are your students, and what subjects do you teach?

I teach in Basic Education Primary School, Shan Kyun Village, Kyaikmayaw Township, Mon State, Myanmar.  I teach all subjects in Grade 2 and English subject in Grade 4.

Behind the scenes with Pann Ei and Min Aung minutes before the closing ceremony in Kyaikmaraw, Mon State (2018)

What are some of the challenges you face as a teacher in Myanmar?

The challenges I face a lot as a teacher in Myanmar. My school is so far from town and most of the villagers are poor in mind. There aren’t sufficient teaching aids and school building is narrow for students. My school is hall type and cover with partition one room after anothers. Therefore, one of the class is teaching, the others class can’t teach very well. 

Despite those challenges, you still choose to teach.  Why is that?

I became a teacher because I interested in teaching and want to become a professional teacher. I love children and I want to train my students with effective ways.  I would like to develop our students’ physical and mental abilities.

Why is teacher training and professional development important to you?

Teacher training and professional development is important to me because I want to develop my students education level.As a teacher, I should have a lot of effective ways to teach our students. Our old education system isn’t a good one.Nowadays, we have a chance to learn many technic of teaching styles with the help of (TAB -Teachers Across Borders ). We have a fantastic time when we met with the teachers of TAB. I hope, if I have a chance I would like to learn many ways of teaching and child psychology.

What are some of your goals for the next 5 years?

Next 5 years, I want to get master degree of TEFL ( Teaching English As A Foreign Language). I want to go abroad and try to improve my teaching skills.

Tell us something fun and interesting about yourself?

I love making friends and do funny things. I can sing and dance pretty well. My favourite food is Myanmar traditional food. I love to eat all kinds of food from different places.

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